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The revolution is in the air.

Send and receive via drone from the comfort of your home, directly to your doorstep in just a few minutes. Use the app to book delivery in a simple, fast, and intuitive way. A new way to send parcels between individuals and from businesses to individuals. Discover the patented technology that will revolutionize the world of deliveries!

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What you want, where you want.

Decide whether to receive or send

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Position the platform

We’ve got it covered!

Decide whether to receive or send.

Enter your location

Position the platform

We’ve got it covered!



A smart device equipped with patented technology capable of guiding the drone’s flight.


A system for automatically opening flight routes to increase the extension of the network.


A platform with QR codes for precision landing, enabling safe delivery directly to the doorstep.









The Users

An inclusive project where users are at the center and a strongly active part.
Delivery is available between individuals, or between individuals and businesses.

The network

A series of nodes, consisting of drone pilots, able to connect all points.
A service capable of maximizing the potential of existing and available resources.

The Drones

An innovative and low-impact means of transportation, not only for its actual consumption but also for its ability to move linearly outside of traffic.

The Technology

A smart chip capable of guiding the drone’s flight to the predetermined landing point.
A tested and safe technology capable of revolutionizing the entire sector.

The platform

A versatile platform adaptable to a balcony, a terrace, or your garden.
A true portal capable of enabling deliveries directly to the doorstep from the comfort of your home.

How it works

The involvement of pilots

The Peer2Air service aims to build a network of light drone pilots capable of managing delivery services in standard scenarios already authorized by the flight authority (for weights under 10 kg maximum takeoff weight and up to 3 km beyond line of sight).

Pilots will be entitled to a fee for the deliveries they handle based on the route they manage.


Peer2Air is a service primarily designed to strengthen local economies, allowing small businesses and local producers to connect with their customers immediately and automatically. It also aims to provide a system for fast and highly practical deliveries to users with mobility issues and/or medical emergencies.

However, thanks to its versatility and cost-effectiveness, it could also represent a flagship solution for large retailers and traditional distributors.

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