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It starts like this.

Our story started by chance from a discussion, a word thrown there as if to tease the other’s mind “…but what if we transported blood with drones….?!” and that sentence, said en passant, changed our lives.
In 2017, Andrea Cannas and Giuseppe Tortora founded ABzero, a
innovative start-up and technology with high social relevance, with a clear idea: to efficiently and safely transport valuable and perishable goods, blood and blood components from donations, organs, special medicines, and organic food at zero kilometers.
We are a cohesive and close-knit group that aims for results and a product with the highest production standards. As a spin-off of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, excellence in the field of robotics, we bring with us a first-rate background of experience and multidisciplinarity.
In addition to founders Andrea Cannas and Giuseppe Tortora, the team is rounded out by technical experts in aviation and regulatory affairs, marketing and sales management, software development and electronic design, and advisors from the medical and innovation worlds.

The Team to date.

Giuseppe Tortora
Co-Founder e CEO
Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering - University of Pisa. PhD in Biorobotics - Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies. Experience in entrepreneurship gained as CEO of a medical startup, until March 2017. Numerous awards related to entrepreneurship, innovation, and startup of the company.
Donatello Amicone
Bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Engineering - University of Cassino. PhD in Electrical and Information Engineering - University of Cassino. Registered in the Engineers' Register of the Province of Campobasso. Extensive work experience in hardware and software design. Author of scientific publications and winner of awards in the field of Smart Cup.
Marta Viale
Bachelor's degree in Economics and Commerce - University of Pisa. Engaged in administrative and sustainability activities. Experience as a professional basketball player.
Sergio Zamboni
Senior consultant Business Development & Finance
Bachelor's degree in Economics - Catholic University of Milan. Over 60 years of professional experience in the fields of Industrial Automation and Services, Aerospace and Defense, including 15 years as an employee, 25 years as a manager, and 20 years as a consultant with first-level assignments. Mentor at Federmanager.
Anna Lisa Buscemi
Comunicazione e Project Management
Bachelor's degree in Economics - University of Pisa. Experience in administrative, organizational, and project management activities. Holds a pre-academic diploma from the Luigi Boccherini Conservatory in Lucca in opera singing.
Alberto Marci
Bachelor's degree in Computer Science - University of Pisa. Proficient in enterprise system infrastructure and network devices (proxy, firewall, router, domains, ISO/OSI model, various DHCP/DNS protocols...) and the following programming languages.
Rosanna Zaza
Bachelor's degree in Communication Sciences - University of Rome "La Sapienza" Executive MBA - University of Malta Link Campus. Experience in contributions and incentives for Research, Development, and Innovation, in international partnerships, and in technical and financial reporting of research and development projects. Has conducted teaching activities on the subject of territorial marketing.
Denis Buscaino
Denis Buscaino has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and works as a software developer at ABzero. Throughout his educational journey, he has acquired not only the foundational scientific principles of computer science but also skills such as problem-solving, design, development, and maintenance of small computer systems, as well as analysis and understanding of existing computer systems.

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